Anhelina Holembivska was born in Kyiv, Ukraine in 1996. She has been painting since childhood, she always wanted to devote her life to art. Anhelina studied book illustration and graphic techniques at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Kyiv, Ukraine. Upon receiving the bachelor’s degree, she moved to Florence, Italy, to continue working and developing as an artist at the origins of Renaissance art. At the beginning of her art career, she worked primarily in watercolors. Over time, the desire to discover new possibilities of painting led her to oil painting. Italy had a strong influence on her vision of the world.

Living in a city filled with masterpieces of Renaissance, she often refers to them in her work. Exquisite flowers in paintings of Ghirlandaio and Botticelli from the Uffizi Gallery become her source of inspiration.


“My primary genre is still life. For me, still life creates real magic in painting by giving inanimate objects vivid character. Working in this genre, I try to both capture the personality of each object as well as the overall mood of the ensemble. In so doing, I ‘humanize’ my heroes. In my latest flower series, I wanted to create a personality for each flower, not just reproduce what is seen. To me it was important that the viewer wasn’t presented with a mundane ‘red poppy’ or a ‘white rose’, but could describe them in words of human emotion: Is this flower joyful? Or lonely? Or sad? Is this flower worried that soon his petals will crumble, or just enjoying its own beauty?


“These are the questions I ask through my art. What I see, what fascinates and delights me, is often very fleeting. In art, I am attracted by the opportunity to capture this fleeting beauty. The bright emotion is transferred to the canvas and continues to live. It is important for me to constantly improve my technical skills. The higher the skill level is, the easier it is to convey my ideas. This is what gives me artistic freedom to create.”