“After initially working as a graphic designer, I left to attend a one-year academic drawing programme at the London Atelier of Representational Art, where I was shown the fundamental aspects of drawing. I had always wanted to know and hone this ability, and that really started me on the path of learning how to paint.


“Being based in London, you only need to pop on a bus to get to see some of the most impressive paintings ever created. It means I’m spoiled for choice, but that acts as a constant inspiration and motivation. When I start a new painting, I have my own ideas and themes running through it. Sometimes, these can be in the form of a simple object or pose, but this can change as I paint it… I’ll find myself adding or removing items as I go along. I use this as a basis to create a narrative, but I also like to encourage some ambiguity, so that the viewer can make their own decisions on what they see. I have always been drawn to the figure and movement, whether it’s a dynamic pose in a comic book, or from physical activities such as skateboarding or dancing. Successfully capturing this in the paint is something I strive to achieve.


“Sometimes I like there to be an element of humour in a painting: a line from a movie, something I hear someone say on the street or just imagined ideas can influence the work. For example, I overheard the bizarre end of someone’s story ‘He burst in and ran away with a side of gammon’. That sort of thing sticks with you. I still want to make that painting…” Sequeira currenlty lives and works in the United Kingdom.