Daniela Astone grew up in the sea town of Porto Santo Stefano, Italy and formally began studying art at the age of 14. After graduating from the High School of Visual Arts in 1997 Astone moved to Florence to study Illustration at the international school of comix. By her second year, she started to work independently for several editors and in the studio of illustration. At the age of 21 Daniela decided to change direction to study drawing and painting at The Florence Academy of Art under the direction of Daniel Graves. She began teaching at the Academy when she was in her second year.


In 2003, Daniela participated, as a student, in the exhibition, “Realism Revisited” at Panorama Museum, Bad Frankenhausen, Germany.


n 2004, Astone graduated from The Florence Academy with the highest honor of her class as well as received the Best Painting of the Year award and continued to work as a principal teacher. In 2005, Astone held her first solo exhibition at the Ann Long Fine Art Gallery in Charleston and built her studio in the Tuscany countryside. The following year Astone participated in Ettinger Gallery’s exhibition “The Florence Academy of Art Masters” in New York.


In 2013 Daniela became the director of the intermediate program at The Florence Academy of Art, entered in the BP award in London and received an honorable mention from the Mod Portrait award Spain. Astone is an internationally exhibiting artist with work in the permanent collection of MACS, the Contemporary Art Museum in Sicily.


Astone’s work is inspired by her own experiences and fantasies. Through constant self-discipline and practice she has developed a deep understanding and observation of the natural world that clearly comes through in her work. She currently teaches workshops all over the world and out of her Tuscany studio.