Casey Childs classifies his work as contemporary realism. As a representational painter his goal is to push the boundaries of traditional compositions and design. He knew he wanted to become a painter at Northwest College, but after continuing his education and obtaining a BA from BYU he took a graphic design job. After working in the profession for ten years he switched his focus to being a full-time painter. Childs says that working in graphic design gave him a wealth of knowledge that helped his paintings grow and improve over time. As a perfectionist he tries to make each painting better than the last. He’s never satisfied with the final result and is constantly trying to improve.


Working from life is incredibly important for Childs’ painting process. Ideas for his work start with a little inspiration. That idea guides him and helps him form his compositions organically. Working with models allows him experiment with various orientations until he finds something moving and beautiful. Painters that have had an impact on his work include, Vermeer, Abbott Handerson, John William Godward and many of the great painters of the 19th century. Childs currently lives and work in Utah.


"My work as a whole encompasses an exploration of the human experience. My interest in the people around me comes from the idea that we look at people every day, but we never really stop to SEE them. In every painting I strive to capture the beauty, variations and complexities of the human form. The goal of my portrait work is to capture the soul of the individual–not just their likeness. I’m inspired by the figurative works (to name a few) of Sargent, Fechin, Thayer, Caravaggio and John Giarrizzo. John, my art professor at Northwest College, instilled in me a great love of art and an immense desire to create it. His work and ideas have found their way into mine. I see my work as a self-portrait in that the subjects of my paintings are all a part of me, each painting a learning experience and an exploration of myself as an artist."

-Casey Childs